What the quirky life hacks has for you!

What the quirky life hacks has for you!

What are quirky life hacks?

Quirky life hacks are small tricks that will allow you to be more productive in all aspects of your life, managing to manage time and daily activities in a more efficient way.With these simple quirky life hacks, you will make these situations stop being a problem. Write them down! Do you have your own tricks of life?

Let’s go with the list of quirky life hacks:

1. Keep your cables in order with a few clips

2. Make room in your closet with the sheet of cans

3. Remove the leaves from the strawberries easily with a straw

4.  Separate the egg yolk with a bottle

5. Carry more than one shopping bag without destroying your hand

6. Heat in the microwave all the food without being cold parts leaving a hole in the center of the plate

7. Fix the scratches on the furniture with a nut

8. Use yarn to cut tarts to perfection

9. Avoid hammering your hands by holding the nail with a clamp

10. Use a tennis ball cut to hold things

11. Cool your beer quickly by coating the bottle with wet paper and putting it in the freezer

12. Play on your mobile without annoying advertising by turning off the data

13. Get rid of a headache naturally by eating 10 to 12 almonds

14. Neither dishes nor tapper ware takes advantage of the pizza box

15. Use AA batteries as if they were AAA

16. Do not make a mistake again, the car tells you which side the gas gets on

17. Open any file by dragging it to your computer’s browser

18. Make your words illegible by writing random letters and not bypassing them

19.  Do not get your feet wet again

20. Thanks to the dock you will not break your charger again

21. Find everything you want with stockings and a vacuum cleaner

22. Heat pizza in the microwave without losing the texture of freshly made pizza

23. Take with you hot glue anywhere

24. Cool your wine glass with frozen grapes

25. Open any jar with a little duct tape

26. Use the foil properly. At the ends of the foil box, there are areas that you must press so that the roll does not leave the box.

27. Cold drinks in 3 minutes. If you want to cool drinks in less than 3 minutes, cover with ice in a bowl, fill with water and add two tablespoons of salt.

28. Open a chain door from outside. Get a rubber band and attach it to the chain and then to the doorknob as shown in the drawing. Turn the knob to open the chain.

29. Now you know how to make your life easier, share it with your friends and make this a better world.

30. Turn your hangers around. Put all the hangers upside down and every time you use the clothes of one of them, turn it over. At the end of the year you will know the clothes you have not used and you can donate.