The most amazing quirky life hacks (tricks to make life more productive)

The most amazing quirky life hacks (tricks to make life more productive)

Because problems or improvisations become daily and are always noticed at the least indicated, here we bring quirky life hacks that will save you time or help you solve those small mishaps of daily life that although superficial can get too bitter the day.Here we give quirky life hacks tolose less time doing some things, or to take advantage of what you already have. You cannot believe how you lived without them!

There are a number of quirky life hacks for everyday life ( life hacks ) that make it easier or faster to do those tasks that we do every day, have fun, improve life in some way, etc.Sometimes, even the way to do something is not optimal, or with a small change, even simple, you can get noticeable differences in the result.

1. The trick of the elevator.

To go straight to your floor, press and hold the CLOSE> I <button before the doors close, press and hold the button on your floor while you keep pressing the> I <button. When the elevator starts, release the buttons. You’ll skip all other floors.

2.  A sponge frozen in a bag is an ice pack that does not drip.

3. Wrinkled polish? Throw it into the dryer with ice cubes or a wet hand towel for 5 minutes. Goodbye Wrinkles!

4. When you heat your pizza in the microwave, put a glass with some water. You will prevent it from becoming chewy.

5. Exhale when your left foot touches the ground and you will avoid cramping as you run.

6. Pour coffee into ice cubes to make iced coffee that will not get watery.

7.  Are you running out of battery? Put it in airplane mode and it will load faster.

8. A right frisbee shot is achieved with a wrist movement. Save your towel whip for the dressing.

10. Use a “dog” of clothes to hold a nail when hammering. If you’re hanging art and you’re still hammering your thumb, think about buying sculpture instead.

11. Clean your keyboard by sliding a piece of tape between the runs to remove dust and dirt.

12. Did you run out of bread? Use a pickle! Do not you have pickles? Go shopping.

13. Do you need AA batteries, and only have AAA batteries? Use aluminum foil on the + pole.

14. To avoid crying with the onion, peel and cut the ends. Put it in cold water for 30 seconds. You will sting without tears!

15. Drill a hole in the lid of your coffee pot, for an unrestricted intake of caffeine.

16. Put a post-it (or an envelope or paper pasted with adhesive paper) on the wall underneath where you will use the drill so that it does not fall off the dust that is generated and collected there.

17. To clean, preserve and polish the skin of handbags and leather shoes, use Nivea cream.

18. To open the glass canisters with vacuum screw caps, stick a knife in the lid (or lever with a fork) to allow air to enter and open easily.