Currently, the productivity in the workspaces is by the floors. All companies lose thousands of hours and weights because of this. Many employees suffer the consequences of bad work environments and the lack of opportunities to apply their knowledge in solving problems. This begins a vicious cycle: lack of motivation, low expectations, and frustration. That is how we live almost all. We will discuss about the quirky life hacks.

What can you do to improve your productivity? These quirky life hacks will help you exercise your mind and focus on the tasks you need to accomplish by supporting you in your creativity and ingenuity; you just need to integrate them into your daily routine.

1. Have coffee at the right time

Usually, this is the best quirky life hacks as we accompany a delicious cup of coffee to start the day but it is not necessarily the best time to drink this drink. The energy effects of caffeine are well known to all; instead of starting from early it is recommended to serve the first portion from ten in the morning or, between two and five in the afternoon. In those moments you will be much more grateful for the energy pull.

2. Meets a simple goal

Can you hit that ball of paper and score three points? How about reaching your toes or drinking three glasses of water in a row (it’s water, it will not hurt to take some more)? Do it now! Setting small goals throughout the day and meeting them improves your mood and makes you see life more positively. Challenge yourself throughout the day and meet him, your confidence will be strengthened.

3. Call a friend

In jobs that require creativity, they usually generate the right conditions to present, discuss and generate ideas at high speed. Call a friend you have not known for some time, face your ideas with someone who thinks differently than you or is far from the problem to solve power your imagination. When you discuss your ideas with others, your creativity exercises and strengthens your creative ability.

 4. Expand the picture

One of the most effective ways to improve your mood at work is to take a few minutes to meditate, remember the things we are grateful for consider the best facets of our being or think about those life goals that we are struggling to fulfill.

5. Be kind to strangers

It is known that kindness not only improves your environment but also does the same for your spirit. Thank the postman with some sweets, sweep the hallway of your building, water your neighbor’s plants, and invite coffee to an office mate. It will make you feel much better with you and with the world; a generous gesture will make the day to another and will make you a better collaborator at work.These simple activities could make a big difference in your work experience. Share them and make your work environment the place you always wanted.