Single Dad? Here are the Quirky Life Hacks You Should Know

Single Dad? Here are the Quirky Life Hacks You Should Know

It’s not easy being a single parent, it never has been.

When you have to work all day and all night to earn for your child yet give them the perfect amount of attention so that they don’t spin out of control, it can be very hectic.

But there are ways that you can raise a perfectly disciplined kid in the midst of all this chaos.

It may not always be easy, but it is effective in the long run.

Here are a few quirky life hacks you can use as a single dad:

Get a Dog

Because, first of all, they are dogs.

What is there more to say?

But if that is not a reason enough to get one, then get this.

Your son needs you to be and assertive at the same time.

The time he spends away from you is bound to get you out of shape.

The dog will keep that from happening

Plus the child will look forward to meeting you because of the dog.

Be on Good Terms with Their Mother

There was a reason you two had to go separate ways, it is understandable.

But she loves the children just as much as you do and it is unfair for the children to have to choose or to pick sides.

They should not have to be more broken than they already are.

That’s why you have to find a way to get along with their mother, no matter what the cost.

The nourishment of your children is more important than your ego.

So work it out, not for you but for them.

Reader Alert: Read to Kill a Mocking Bird

This is one the books that are greatly recognized as the mediation on American race problems but this also very beautifully depicts how you can be a good father.

Being a father is a full-time job and the ideal “good father” is a work in progress.

And an example like Atticus Finch can always wheel you back on the track if you end up slipping every now and then.

Master at the Art of Making French toast

Now this may not seem like something that matters so greatly, but it does.

Teach yourself the art of preparing this classic treat and you are golden.

Being a single father, this is a given.

The least you can do is try making the basic breakfast so your child doesn’t go running to his mother for all her good food.

Last But not the Least, Love

Give them loads and loads of love.

As a grown up your life is complicated, more so now that you are a single father.

So you’re most effective quirky life hack is to give them all your love.

Children usually act up in situation like these and that is mostly because they feel neglected and unloved.

But you can make that stop and be the best single father to your kid.