Reasons Explaining How Anime Is Not A Cartoon

Reasons Explaining How Anime Is Not A Cartoon

As we fans like to name ourselves, only an anime enthusiast or ‘otaku’ is completely capable of differentiating between an anime and a cartoon. “Those people who normally think,” What’s the difference? “are either those who in their life have never seen an anime or those who do not notice the beauty of the anime series. So below are the reasons why anime is not a cartoon for those who are unable to discern between ‘Dexter’s lab’ (a cartoon) and ‘Dragon Ball Z’ (an anime). You can watch the best and top-rated anime on this link GoGoAnime.

The four reasons why anime is not a cartoon are listed here.

1.     Origin

An anime’s origin varies from that of a cartoon. Early in the 20th century, the anime movement emerged. The popularity of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of Disney influenced many animators in Japan. Since the 1970s, manga‚Äôs have been so popular that they have been adapted as anime on an immense scale.

2.     Genre

While cartoons have no particular genre, anime appears to be demographically targeted. In anime, there are different genres such as kodomo (for kids), shounen (for boys), shoujo (for girls), and a diverse range of genres targeting adult audiences such as harem, mecha, ecchi, seinen, etc. By showing serious stories about homosexuality of genres such as shounen-ai, yaoi, shoujo-ai, and yuri, Anime is also shown to be breaking out of its limits.

When one needs to, there can be certain variations that can be found out. But some of the major and general distinctions that thicken the dividing line that demarcates anime and cartoons are the ones listed above. So, here’s why anime isn’t a cartoon.

3.     The Repetition

Whereas cartoon episodes are usually reused on tv, i.e. a cartoon episode does not have a serial number, anime is usually transmitted in a series fashion, as in most other regular TV series. That is, each episode of the anime series is different, producing continuous storylines for them. This is a very distinct anime element, making it very different from traditional cartoons.

4.     Character Sketching

An anime character and a cartoon character’s body form are largely distinct. Whereas an exaggerated or distorted touch is given to a cartoon figure to offer it a funny essence, the character of anime can be seen representing a real human being in a proportionate body structure. The eyes of the anime character are perhaps the more visible characteristic that separates a cartoon from an anime.