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4 Most Strange Wedding Cultures around the World

Posted by Timmothy White on
4 Most Strange Wedding Cultures around the World

Wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and this day is celebrated differently in different cultures.

There is some fun in these different traditions and a lot of spice.

So if you happen to be planning a wedding based on these cultures, it might be good idea to invite a photographer to capture all the unique moments of your life.

Thing change as have the beliefs.

Long ago all these traditions were done because of their deeply rooted meaning, but now they are just some strange wedding cultures that people follow just for fun.

Here are some that you might want to know about:

German Weddings

The strange thing about the German weddings is that the rings are placed in the right hand instead of the left.

There is no real significance to this except that it is a tradition that is different from the others.

Then there is also a tradition that is known as “sawing”

As the name suggests, it involves a lot of use of saw.

After the couple has been pronounced husband and wife, they go out to look for a log and there is only one saw.

The couple saws through the log and the way they work as team over this shows how they will work in a marriage.

Scotland Weddings

There is a tradition in Scotland known as the “Blackening of the Bride”

In this tradition the bride is run down with anything that is filthy and smells.

She is covered in all these substances that stinks really bad.

Some even cook specially for this occasion.

Then the bride is shown off through all the main street.

Some people believe that it is the groom instead of the bride.

While there are also some that believe that it is both of them.

It depends on the family and their rituals.

Indian Weddings

Indian weddings have their own strange wedding cultures.

There is a rather beautiful tradition known as “Mehndi” where the bride is covered in ink known as henna before her wedding.

And this is further celebrated by music and dancing.

Indian weddings last for days and each day is celebrated differently.

All of them have their unique traditions and different steps each day.

Irish Weddings

Irish people have their own beliefs.

One of which includes that bad fairies are attracted to beautiful things.

A bride, in light of this, is very susceptible to them.

And on the day of her wedding, the bride is not to lift her feet at all.

So on the dance floor, she has to dance while dragging her feet.

And if she goes missing, the person she danced with is responsible.

One of the other beliefs is that it is bad luck to wear green to a wedding.

You can wear any color but that.

Wedding traditions are ways to make your wedding interesting and fun! Even though you don’t believe in them they can really create some good memories.

Does your culture have such traditions?


What the quirky life hacks has for you!

Posted by Timmothy White on
What the quirky life hacks has for you!

What are quirky life hacks?

Quirky life hacks are small tricks that will allow you to be more productive in all aspects of your life, managing to manage time and daily activities in a more efficient way.With these simple quirky life hacks, you will make these situations stop being a problem. Write them down! Do you have your own tricks of life?

Let’s go with the list of quirky life hacks:

1. Keep your cables in order with a few clips

2. Make room in your closet with the sheet of cans

3. Remove the leaves from the strawberries easily with a straw

4.  Separate the egg yolk with a bottle

5. Carry more than one shopping bag without destroying your hand

6. Heat in the microwave all the food without being cold parts leaving a hole in the center of the plate

7. Fix the scratches on the furniture with a nut

8. Use yarn to cut tarts to perfection

9. Avoid hammering your hands by holding the nail with a clamp

10. Use a tennis ball cut to hold things

11. Cool your beer quickly by coating the bottle with wet paper and putting it in the freezer

12. Play on your mobile without annoying advertising by turning off the data

13. Get rid of a headache naturally by eating 10 to 12 almonds

14. Neither dishes nor tapper ware takes advantage of the pizza box

15. Use AA batteries as if they were AAA

16. Do not make a mistake again, the car tells you which side the gas gets on

17. Open any file by dragging it to your computer’s browser

18. Make your words illegible by writing random letters and not bypassing them

19.  Do not get your feet wet again

20. Thanks to the dock you will not break your charger again

21. Find everything you want with stockings and a vacuum cleaner

22. Heat pizza in the microwave without losing the texture of freshly made pizza

23. Take with you hot glue anywhere

24. Cool your wine glass with frozen grapes

25. Open any jar with a little duct tape

26. Use the foil properly. At the ends of the foil box, there are areas that you must press so that the roll does not leave the box.

27. Cold drinks in 3 minutes. If you want to cool drinks in less than 3 minutes, cover with ice in a bowl, fill with water and add two tablespoons of salt.

28. Open a chain door from outside. Get a rubber band and attach it to the chain and then to the doorknob as shown in the drawing. Turn the knob to open the chain.

29. Now you know how to make your life easier, share it with your friends and make this a better world.

30. Turn your hangers around. Put all the hangers upside down and every time you use the clothes of one of them, turn it over. At the end of the year you will know the clothes you have not used and you can donate.


The most amazing quirky life hacks (tricks to make life more productive)

Posted by Timmothy White on
The most amazing quirky life hacks (tricks to make life more productive)

Because problems or improvisations become daily and are always noticed at the least indicated, here we bring quirky life hacks that will save you time or help you solve those small mishaps of daily life that although superficial can get too bitter the day.Here we give quirky life hacks tolose less time doing some things, or to take advantage of what you already have. You cannot believe how you lived without them!

There are a number of quirky life hacks for everyday life ( life hacks ) that make it easier or faster to do those tasks that we do every day, have fun, improve life in some way, etc.Sometimes, even the way to do something is not optimal, or with a small change, even simple, you can get noticeable differences in the result.

1. The trick of the elevator.

To go straight to your floor, press and hold the CLOSE> I <button before the doors close, press and hold the button on your floor while you keep pressing the> I <button. When the elevator starts, release the buttons. You’ll skip all other floors.

2.  A sponge frozen in a bag is an ice pack that does not drip.

3. Wrinkled polish? Throw it into the dryer with ice cubes or a wet hand towel for 5 minutes. Goodbye Wrinkles!

4. When you heat your pizza in the microwave, put a glass with some water. You will prevent it from becoming chewy.

5. Exhale when your left foot touches the ground and you will avoid cramping as you run.

6. Pour coffee into ice cubes to make iced coffee that will not get watery.

7.  Are you running out of battery? Put it in airplane mode and it will load faster.

8. A right frisbee shot is achieved with a wrist movement. Save your towel whip for the dressing.

10. Use a “dog” of clothes to hold a nail when hammering. If you’re hanging art and you’re still hammering your thumb, think about buying sculpture instead.

11. Clean your keyboard by sliding a piece of tape between the runs to remove dust and dirt.

12. Did you run out of bread? Use a pickle! Do not you have pickles? Go shopping.

13. Do you need AA batteries, and only have AAA batteries? Use aluminum foil on the + pole.

14. To avoid crying with the onion, peel and cut the ends. Put it in cold water for 30 seconds. You will sting without tears!

15. Drill a hole in the lid of your coffee pot, for an unrestricted intake of caffeine.

16. Put a post-it (or an envelope or paper pasted with adhesive paper) on the wall underneath where you will use the drill so that it does not fall off the dust that is generated and collected there.

17. To clean, preserve and polish the skin of handbags and leather shoes, use Nivea cream.

18. To open the glass canisters with vacuum screw caps, stick a knife in the lid (or lever with a fork) to allow air to enter and open easily.



Posted by Timmothy White on

Currently, the productivity in the workspaces is by the floors. All companies lose thousands of hours and weights because of this. Many employees suffer the consequences of bad work environments and the lack of opportunities to apply their knowledge in solving problems. This begins a vicious cycle: lack of motivation, low expectations, and frustration. That is how we live almost all. We will discuss about the quirky life hacks.

What can you do to improve your productivity? These quirky life hacks will help you exercise your mind and focus on the tasks you need to accomplish by supporting you in your creativity and ingenuity; you just need to integrate them into your daily routine.

1. Have coffee at the right time

Usually, this is the best quirky life hacks as we accompany a delicious cup of coffee to start the day but it is not necessarily the best time to drink this drink. The energy effects of caffeine are well known to all; instead of starting from early it is recommended to serve the first portion from ten in the morning or, between two and five in the afternoon. In those moments you will be much more grateful for the energy pull.

2. Meets a simple goal

Can you hit that ball of paper and score three points? How about reaching your toes or drinking three glasses of water in a row (it’s water, it will not hurt to take some more)? Do it now! Setting small goals throughout the day and meeting them improves your mood and makes you see life more positively. Challenge yourself throughout the day and meet him, your confidence will be strengthened.

3. Call a friend

In jobs that require creativity, they usually generate the right conditions to present, discuss and generate ideas at high speed. Call a friend you have not known for some time, face your ideas with someone who thinks differently than you or is far from the problem to solve power your imagination. When you discuss your ideas with others, your creativity exercises and strengthens your creative ability.

 4. Expand the picture

One of the most effective ways to improve your mood at work is to take a few minutes to meditate, remember the things we are grateful for consider the best facets of our being or think about those life goals that we are struggling to fulfill.

5. Be kind to strangers

It is known that kindness not only improves your environment but also does the same for your spirit. Thank the postman with some sweets, sweep the hallway of your building, water your neighbor’s plants, and invite coffee to an office mate. It will make you feel much better with you and with the world; a generous gesture will make the day to another and will make you a better collaborator at work.These simple activities could make a big difference in your work experience. Share them and make your work environment the place you always wanted.


Single Dad? Here are the Quirky Life Hacks You Should Know

Posted by Timmothy White on
Single Dad? Here are the Quirky Life Hacks You Should Know

It’s not easy being a single parent, it never has been.

When you have to work all day and all night to earn for your child yet give them the perfect amount of attention so that they don’t spin out of control, it can be very hectic.

But there are ways that you can raise a perfectly disciplined kid in the midst of all this chaos.

It may not always be easy, but it is effective in the long run.

Here are a few quirky life hacks you can use as a single dad:

Get a Dog

Because, first of all, they are dogs.

What is there more to say?

But if that is not a reason enough to get one, then get this.

Your son needs you to be and assertive at the same time.

The time he spends away from you is bound to get you out of shape.

The dog will keep that from happening

Plus the child will look forward to meeting you because of the dog.

Be on Good Terms with Their Mother

There was a reason you two had to go separate ways, it is understandable.

But she loves the children just as much as you do and it is unfair for the children to have to choose or to pick sides.

They should not have to be more broken than they already are.

That’s why you have to find a way to get along with their mother, no matter what the cost.

The nourishment of your children is more important than your ego.

So work it out, not for you but for them.

Reader Alert: Read to Kill a Mocking Bird

This is one the books that are greatly recognized as the mediation on American race problems but this also very beautifully depicts how you can be a good father.

Being a father is a full-time job and the ideal “good father” is a work in progress.

And an example like Atticus Finch can always wheel you back on the track if you end up slipping every now and then.

Master at the Art of Making French toast

Now this may not seem like something that matters so greatly, but it does.

Teach yourself the art of preparing this classic treat and you are golden.

Being a single father, this is a given.

The least you can do is try making the basic breakfast so your child doesn’t go running to his mother for all her good food.

Last But not the Least, Love

Give them loads and loads of love.

As a grown up your life is complicated, more so now that you are a single father.

So you’re most effective quirky life hack is to give them all your love.

Children usually act up in situation like these and that is mostly because they feel neglected and unloved.

But you can make that stop and be the best single father to your kid.